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Automatic Import function allows you to set a frequency interval (hourly, twice daily, daily) to auto-import (WordPress cron) new videos to your site using any keyword(s).

Manual Import function allows you to manually import the videos, you can do so with an import .txt or .csv file.

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Video Sources:

  • - xHamster pays $2.50 per 1k for High-quality countries and $0.50 for Low-quality. List of HQ countries includes most of the Latin American countries. xHamster pays $2.00 for HQ countries sent via embedded videos. xHamster Affiliate Section
  • - Earn cash with the RedTube / HubTraffic affiliate program.
  • - Earn cash with the Pornhub / HubTraffic affiliate program.
  • - Earn cash with the Tube8 / HubTraffic affiliate program.
  • - Earn cash with the YouPorn / HubTraffic affiliate program.
  • Sponsor-hosted "hotlinked" flv & mp4 video clips which allow you to earn money as an affiliate.

Requirements: Domain name and Hosting

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